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Meetrip - Home to the best professional tourist guides and tours worldwide.

Your departure is approaching; you’ve bought your tickets, dug out your travel guide and found a great hotel. You’re excited to embark on this new journey of discovery, but don’t have the time to plan what you want to do for each day of your trip… Never mind, you can work it out when you get there.

The problem is, guides are hard to find, especially during low season, and most guides aren’t available at the last minute.

And during high season, most guided tours are either fully booked, aren’t your ideal choice, or aren't even offered in your language!

Why not find a great tour, and a guide to match, before leaving? Think it'll be too much of a hassle?

At Meetrip, we search for and select only the best professional tourist guides and tours from across the globe, in order to ensure you have an unforgettable experience. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, these guides can show you everything from the top attractions to those hidden gems and secret places, that you would never have been able to find on your own.

With Meetrip, you can search and book your guide and tours online before you leave, or at the last minute using our mobile app. Thanks to the huge variety of guides and tours on our site, you can select a guide and guided tour that suits your individual preferences and interests and set off on your journey of cultural discovery completely at ease. It couldn’t be simpler to make the most of your trip! Just select a theme according to your interests, choose a guided tour, and find a guide that speaks your language.

We wish you all the best on your adventures with Meetrip!

Meetrip’s Story

Ralph Guyot-Jeannin Founder

In summer 2014, I sold my previous company, Citycake.fr, and set out on a private cruise by sailboat along the Amalfi coast in Italy. I was accompanied by my then girlfriend, whom I had met while studying at ESCP Business School, and her family.

After having spent a few days in Capri and Sorrento, we stopped in Naples; the city is particularly stunning at that time of year.

With my girlfriend’s family busy preparing her father’s birthday dinner, I took the opportunity to go and explore the city on my own.

Unsure about where to begin, I asked the captain of the sailboat, who happened to come from around Naples himself, for directions. He advised me to turn left out of the harbour and follow the Cross sign leading to Naples Cathedral. Simple! Or so I thought...

I followed the captain’s directions out of the harbour, only to find myself surrounded by several of these Cross signs, and all of them leading in different directions! I was well and truly lost!

After a bit of wandering, I reached a crowded area of narrow streets lined with market stalls, where people were selling seasonal fruits and freshly caught fish. It was a lovely sight, but with the cathedral still nowhere to be seen, I started to worry about being late for the family dinner.

Then I came across a group of tourists on a guided tour, who were headed west toward the Sansevero Chapel Museum. I considered joining them, but the idea of being surrounded by the tourist paparazzi put me off.

Big mistake.

Not only had I missed a professionally guided tour of the city, but having lost my way, I realised I wouldn’t make it back in time for dinner! A blunder that would cost me dearly...

With most of the locals either unable to understand me, or sending me off in opposite directions, I started to feel desperate. Thankfully, I happened to have an item with me that could help rescue the situation. It was a watch, given to me by my grandfather, a former navy captain, for my 18th birthday. And it had a compass!

The compass directed me west, where I found signs toward the museum and ran into the tour group again. The guide kindly accompanied me back to the boat.

I was saved! In the end I was only 5 minutes late for the family dinner - just in time for the Prosecco and Spumante! That being said, in hindsight, I should have taken the opportunity to join the guided tour in the first place. Not only would I have had the opportunity to see Naples and learn more about the local culture, but it would also have spared me the stress of getting lost and being late. It was on that day the idea came to me to create a website listing guides from across the globe - Meetrip.com!

And the compass became our emblem!

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