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The walking tour starts from the the Upper Gate and ends at the town’s harbour or vice versa. If we start at the Upper Gate, this is the usual itinerary of places of interest.

The Icon Gallery, which shows a range of some of the most famous and valuable icons in the world (entrance fee is charged).

Next to the gallery is the church of Sveta Bogorodica Perivleptos (St Clement’s Church of the Holy Mother of God Most Glorious) which dates back to the 13th century and possesses some of the most beautiful and valuable frescoes from the 13th century not only in our country but in the Balkans as well. (entrance fee is charged)

The ancient theatre which dates back to the 3rd-2nd century BC. (no entrance fee is charged)

Tsar Samoil’s Fortress which was named after the first tsar of the Macedonian Slavs, who ruled a great empire in the Middle Ages (976-1014) (small entrance fee is charged)

Plaoshnik, a big archeological site and the place where we visit the newly built St Clement’s Church which is dedicated to St Clement (the patron of Ohrid) and St Panteleimon, and which stands beside the original site of St Clement’s University, the first university of the Macedonian Slavs founded in the 9th century AD. Inside the church you can also see the tomb with St Clement’s relics. Beside the church you can see the foundations of the 4-6th-century basilica with beautifully preserved mosaic floors and some swastikas also discovered on the floors. (entrance fee is charged)

 From here we head towards the Church of St Jovan at Kaneo, which was built at the end of the 13th century, and is one of the most frequently visited churches in Ohrid because of its beautiful location on a cliff above the lake.  (entrance fee is charged)

After this we either go back to the town centre on foot  or hire a boat and have a short 15-minute boat ride on the lake providing you with a great view of the old town. (boat fee is charged)

The church of St Sofia which dates back to the 11th century. (entrance fee is charged)

The Museum of Robevtsi (the Robev family) or the Ohrid Archaeological Museum. (entrance fee is charged)

The National workshop for handmade paper which owns a replica of Gutenberg printing press. (no entrance fee is charged)

The tour usually finishes with a short walk in the Old Bazaar in Ohrid (a fully pedestrian area) and optional break for coffee or late lunch in one of the restaurants by the lake. 


  • Art
  • Landmarks
  • Walking
  • History
  • Architecture
  • Culture/Tradition

Additional Information

Note: The distance between Skopje and Ohrid is around 175 km and it takes about 2-3 hours in one direction. That’s why if we start from Skopje at about 8 a.m., we are usually back to the capital after 6 p.m.


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Duration: 10 Hours
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