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ROYAL PALACE: Was built in 1864, completed in 1867, a second--storey verandah was added in 1883, until then, the palace remains unchanged. In 2012 a new fence was built as part of our preparation for the Coronation of our 5th King and also an upgrading and renovation of the Palace building. You can easily notify the present of their Majesties in the Royal Palace when looking at the Tongan National Flag is waving in the air at the top of the Royal Palace building. The commoners were not allow in the Royal palace ground without wearing their outer skirt known as Ta’ovala – Tongan Nationals have to wear their Ta’ovala as a mark of their respect to their King and the rest of their Royal families.


ROYAL TOMBS Situated in Nuku’alofa, the 4th capital of main island, Tongatapu. The burial ground known as the “Mala’ekula” (Red Ground) – a term that unites the burial site of Tu’i (King) Kanokupolu dynasty and the former name of the site.  This has been the burial place of Tongan Royalty since 1893. The 2nd King (King George Tupou II) passed away in 1918, the 3rd Queen (Queen Salote Tupou III) passed away in 1965, she is the only Queen that ruled the Kingdom for 48 years), the 4th King (King George Tupou IV) passed away in 2006 and the 5th King  (King George Tupou V) passed away in 2012.


CAPTAIN COOK’S LANDING PLACE:  A British navigator that visited three times (1773, 1774 and 1777) to the Kingdom of Tonga. He was pleased with the generosity and friendliness of the Tongan people and then he blessed us with the nickname “THE FRIENDLY ISLAND”. He had a pleasant visits to our Friendly island and not been assassinated. Sadly, he was then killed in Sandwich Island, Hawaii. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and their Royal Highnesses the Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Anne visited this landmark on the 7th March, 1970.


ANCIENT TERRACED TOMBS:  Located about 19km from the capital of Nuku’alofa. It situated in Mu’a District (Eastern side) at Lapaha village, the 3rd (ancient) capital of Tongatapu. This lasting monument was build between 10th – 12th century by one of the scared King name Tu’itatui (King-strike-knee)   the 12th Tu’i (King) Tonga Dynasty for his younger brother name Tele’a but sadly he been on a voyage at sea and never return. The Terraced Tombs or ‘Langi” were platforms of earth with a stepped pyramid effect supported by carefully placed retaining walls.  Unlike other burial sites in the Pacific, the tombs and the rituals surrounding royal burials are still a living part of Tongan culture.


HA’AMONGA TRILITHON:  Known as the Stonehenge of the South Pacific, this lasting monument was erected in 1200AD by the 12th Tu’i Tonga name Tu’itatui nicknaming King-Strike-Knees.  It consists of two upright coral stones (poles) about 5m high and weight 50 tons each, topped by a horizontal connecting stone (crossbar) 6m long, weight 35 tons. It was believed that around 1,600 locals that they assist each other to put up this Stonehenge. There are many speculations about the building of the Ha’amonga, some says it is a gateway to the sitting mount and the backrest (Maka-fa’aki-nanga) of the King (locating further down from the Stonehenge for about 100metres away) but in 1967, His Majesty King George Tupou IV said, the idea is to mark the shortest and the longest day of the year. This is where the Tongan people interpret the idea of “where times begin”.


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comfortable, non-slip shoes, a hat, insect repellent are recommended. This tour involves a moderate level of walking over uneven grounds. This tour was recommended for wheelchair passengers but please note the duration as it involves a long drive.


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