Our Policy on Professionalism

Meetrip works exclusively with professionally qualified guides.

​We carefully check the required qualifications for guides in each country where Meetrip operates, and guides that register on the platform must provide proof of these qualifications. This can be in either the form of a professional card or another form of official documentary evidence from the state or a recognized organization.

This provides us with an established quality standard for the services that we offer through our site, as we only work with tourism industry professionals that are qualified in the field of guiding.

Professional guides must study their craft, often for several years, in order to master the core subjects that will enable them to provide the highest quality service: art history, architecture, history, geography, and sociology, to name a few. Moreover, they have to speak several languages fluently as a basic requirement. This enables them to offer their services to tourists from all over the world.

Furthermore, this education gives them the key skills to help them prepare comprehensive tours based on careful background research and regional knowledge, complete with pre-planned travel arrangements and tour programmes.

Each tour requires considerable preparation, as well as a high standard of professionalism when it comes to conducting the tour itself. Leading a guided tour requires you to both keep to your programme and keep your public entertained; this means that you also have to be able to walk and talk for an extended period of time, whilst ensuring that the visit runs smoothly.

But that’s not all; as a guide, you are also a mediator, a bridge between two cultures.

When it comes to being an ambassador for your country, you can’t get better than a professional tourist guide: their extensive knowledge and training allow them to show the very best of their region, whilst also adapting to the culture of their audience. A guide of your nationality, or who has lived in your country, and is established in the place that you wish to visit, will be the best placed to help you discover things in your chosen location that you haven’t seen or done before.

Meetrip’s core aim is to support guides, by allowing them to focus their attention on the heart of their trade - sharing their knowledge and passion for their region.