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Monteverde, Costa Rica
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I am an English Professor and a Naturalist Guide with over 20 years of experience leading Night Guided Walks in the Monteverde Cloud Forest. I have lived in the Monteverde area for over 20 years and know basically every hotel, restaurant, attraction, transportation service and business there is to know. So if you need any advice about what to do and where to go I will be glad to help you. I must tell you that I only recommend environmentally friendly establishments from honest owners who will provide a safe and proffesional service. If you need me to guide you anywhere in the area or even in Costa Rica or Central America with or without transportation, that may always be arranged. My parents were missionaries so we traveled a lot when we were little and grew up with a unique mixture of cultures and languages. I am Costa Rican with a very mixed heritage from Virginia, USA, Central America and Europe. As a single christian woman I spend a lot of time developing programs to help kids, women and young adults in the Monteverde area. I have belonged to the Pathfinder movement since I was 4 years old and that's why I have developed so many different skills in so many areas such as, arts, sports, nature, survival skills, camping, music, conservation, technology, etc. I am vegetarian and I love practicing sports not watching them. I do not watch TV nor listen to the radio because I learn by listening and seeing so I have to be very careful with what I see or hear. I love watching videos and listening to instrumental music mostly and playing as many instruments as possible. I don't do drugs of any kind, including coffee and coke but, I may have had Nyquil some time when I was little. I love hiking in the forest and I really enjoy traveling. I have guided mostly in the Monteverde area on day time and at night time too but, I have also guided in other places of Costa Rica and Central America. I even had the honor of guiding through the Madagascar dessert at the Cleveland Botanical Garden in Ohio. I enjoy reading a good book, singing and drawing sketches. I was never thought how to play musical instruments or how to draw so when i play or draw it is not professional. Night guided walks and two toed sloths are my specialty.


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